by Bill  & Mary Ann Allen

We feel that there is no place in the universe that can compare with Coleman Highlands!  It has the most thoughtful neighbors one could dream or hope for. The families in CH are genuinely courteous, kind, and cheerful. Starting with the grandparents down through grandchildren.

Most everyone knows that we walk the neighborhood every day. But what makes our routine different is that we feed a lot of pets along the way, especially with the puppy boom the coronavirus has brought us. Persons and families walking their dogs graciously allow us to give them treats. We only give one biscuit though, as we don’t want them to lose their figures.

So you might ask what is so special about that? Well, families in CH go over and above when they see us coming. Children as young as 4 all the way up to the parents and grandparents either go into their homes to get or come out with their pets. It’s not just a few, but many. If the owners are inside, the dogs let them know that we are coming. More often than not a family member stops whatever they’re doing and lets their dogs or cats out. It is absolutely amazing.

There is no way to express the gratitude and joy that this brings us. The camaraderie, laughter, and delight unequivocally make our day… And it happens every day of the year. Thanks for letting us be a part of your lives.

[UPDATE: 6/20/2022] The Allens were featured today on Fox 4’s Pay It Forward. Neighbor Nikki Salido presented the Allens with a gift for all their hard work and dedication to the neighborhood.