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Forum Use Policy

Registration is required to post to the Coleman Highlands Forums. Registration is free and open to residents of Coleman Highlands, local elected officials, and board members of other local neighborhood associations. We respect the privacy of our residents and therefore require that you submit your name and address in order to verify your residency. A moderator will verify your registration before you are approved. Information collected by registration is for the purpose of confirming that you meet the above criteria and for maintaining your user account. You may access the information you submit in your registration after logging in in order to change a password or change preferences. Registration allows us to better manage the board and to provide an experience that we hope will attract long-term contributors to this board.

The Google Group is and will still be active if you prefer to use that interface.

The forums are fully moderated – your first post must be approved by a moderator before it will be posted. If approved, subsequent posts will not require approval. This policy is required to prevent abuse of the forums.

By registering for this forum you agree to the following terms of use:

•    Please keep posts to a standard suitable for public discussion. Refrain from profanity, ad-hominem attacks and anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see. We will monitor the forum and any offensive posts brought to our attention will be quickly removed. Repeat offenses will cause you to be permanently banned from the forum.
•    Messages should be constructive and relevant to the topic.
•    Please observe intellectual properties rights when posting material from other sources. Obtain and note permission for any extensive excerpts. We will remove all such posts which in our judgement do not represent “fair use” of the original material.
•    Please post non-commerical messages only. The exception to this would be event announcements such as performances, recitals, community or little league sports, or other cultural and community activities pertaining to residents of Coleman Highlands. Additionally, please keep these announcements to the Events forum.
•    Passwords are encrypted and we are unable to recover lost passwords. If you lose your password send a request to the board administration to have your password reset. You must provide some means of identification – sending the request from the email registered with the account is sufficient.
•    Message retention policies are to be determined. It is very likely that all topics will be archived.
•    We reserve the right to reorganize topics, move off-topic messages, remove redundant posts as necessary for the smooth operation of the board. Messages violating the above rules will be deleted by the moderator. The Moderators’ judgment is final.

Please report any and all abuse of this board to Forum Administrator.

Using the Board

•    Your user profile is displayed by the author link of your posts. Use Edit Profile to control what is displayed.
•    Notification options eliminate the need to ‘poll the board’ for activity in the topics you are interested in or responses to your posts.
•    If you know a tiny bit of HTML, you can paste HTML directly into the message input box. The pasted markup will be converted automatically into the forum formatting language (markup which may compromise the forums is ignored).
•    This board offers a lot of features for formatting your post: tables and lists to organize your presentation; text formatting for emphasis; images and video to better convey your message. We only ask you use some common sense in what you upload to our server.

Again, please report any and all abuse of this board to the Forum Administrator.