Service Recommendations

We’ve frequently been asked about posting the service recommendations for home repair, lawn care, pet sitting, childcare and other things that have been recommended by neighbors in our Google Group. Keeping a long list of business contact information updated is a bit onerous and we also do not want to be seen as endorsing one particular business over another or feel responsible when a recommended service that we have listed here doesn’t pan out in a positive way.

One of our neighbors has volunteered to keep her own list of recommendations and you can find that here.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the list linked above, you’re welcome to search the Google Group for other recommendations neighbors may have made in the past. Most of you probably just receive the emails from the group and never actually go to the Google Group page, so we’ll walk you through how to do access the group page and search.

Step 1


You’ll need to sign in to google with the email account that you use for the google group. If your email is not a gmail account, you can still sign up for a google account with your yahoo, hotmail, or any other type of email account. But you’ll need to create an account in order to access the google group backend.

Once you’ve signed in or signed up and have visited the above link, your screen should display the group’s main page:

Step 2

Type the keyword you are looking for into the Conversations search bar.

Step 3

Browse the results – the number to the right of the user name on each post indicates how many replies that post has received, so you’ll want to look in replied-to posts for recommendations. And don’t forget to write down the information you find so you don’t forget it.