Short Term Rental Regulations

Short term rentals (also known as STRs, airbnb, Vrbo, etc.) are restricted under the guidelines of Ordinance 170771 and Ordinance 170772 and the Kansas City Planning & Development Department. Properties must have a registered permit on file or they are illegal. You can read about the application process on the city of Kansas City’s website.

There are two types of short term rental classifications:

Type 1 STRs are owner-occupied homes where the STR is limited to a bedroom in the home. This type of STR requires an application to the city and notification to neighbors; neighborhood and neighborhood association support is not required.

Type 2 STRs are not owner-occupied and the entire home is rented out. This type of STR requires the applicant to get support of 55% or more of adjacent properties. The Coleman Highlands Neighborhood Association (CHNA) opposes these rentals and submits letters of opposition to the city. It has been the position of CHNA to oppose all Type 2 STR zoning applications based upon the desire to maintain neighborhood safety as well as peaceful enjoyment of — and quality relationships with — our neighbors.

Coleman Highlands has a unique situation that makes STRs more difficult to obtain. We have a Single Family Ordinance, which means that your home cannot be split into more than one living unit. You cannot have separate apartments (a space with a bedroom, kitchen or kitchenette, and bathroom with its own separate entrance) on your property. You cannot have a carriage house with a separate living space or floors of your home that are separate apartments rented out as either long-term or short-term rentals.

Our neighbors are invested in our collective quality of life and we have many activated and involved residents who keep an eye out for and have shut down unlicensed STRs in the past. We also do not want investors in our neighborhood to spend tens of thousands of dollars to create STRs only to lose expected profits because they were unaware of the rules and regulations existing in our neighborhood. We have been made aware that realtors and title companies do not always disclose our Single Family Ordinance or our Historic District status to buyers. So we try to do our best to make new home owners aware of these rules and ordinances to avoid unforeseen code violations and misunderstandings. Ultimately, our goal is to support legal and safe usage of all neighborhood properties.

I am aware of/suspect an unlicensed STR operating in our neighborhood. What should I do?

If you suspect an unlicensed STR operating in Coleman Highlands, you can reach out to a CHNA Board member or you can submit a case to KCMO’s 311 Action Center. The case will be assigned to an investigator for compliance.