QuickTrip Quandry

QuickTrip Proposed Development at 33rd and Southwest Trafficway

With two QuickTrip locations close by already, neighbors are wary of another QT directly across from residential properties in a historic district.

Coleman Highlands and the surrounding neighborhoods have recently expressed concerns about the proposed development of the QuickTrip on 33rd and Southwest trafficway to Mayor Sly James. Mayor James provided a written response indicating the matter will be further reviewed once the plans for zoning change requests are submitted by KC Life and/or Quiktrip. We believe we have done all we can at this point and we are monitoring for filings with the city planning committee by either of these organizations. If that occurs, we will certainly notify the neighborhood.

To date, we have collected over 700 original and electronic signatures for the formal petition to oppose this project. This project has been led largely by Scott Burnett, and the collection of signatures will continue. You can sign the petition here, if you have not done so already.
If anyone wants to sign a hard copy of the petition, you can do so at Browne’s (33rd & Pennsylvania). Send anyone who is interested. They also have extra hard copies if you want to take a page to work or family to fill out. Signees do not need to be a certain age or a registered voter.  They do not even need to live in Kansas City, Missouri. It is for anyone who opposes this QuikTrip development.
All of you who wrote that you were strongly opposed in the email group, please step up and help with this. Share the petition on your facebook page for more signatures there, too.
MidTown KC Post wrote an article about the development project that you can read here. Scott Burnett also noticed a small article in the 816 section of the The Kansas City Star, which you can read here.