Hyperlocal News: Midtown KC Post

Local news not local enough? Valentine Neighborhood resident Mary Jo Draper maintains the online publication Midtown KC Post at midtownkcpost.com. Here you can find news items and information relevant to the midtown area or join the community forum to discuss topics ranging from home repair to local shopping.

July 1st marked Midtown KC Post’s one-year anniversary. According to Draper, “Our top goal is to make Midtown a better place to live and work, which we think happens when people are informed about what’s going on around them AND when people have an ongoing conservation about how to make their neighborhoods better.

“Every weekday, we send out a series of posts about various things, some of them newsy and some of them ‘information you can use.’
We also encourage you to talk about this news and whatever else is one your mind. And we hope that conversation will introduce you and us to new ideas, ways of looking at problems, and make connections between people in Midtown.”