Jackson County Reassessment

County informing you that your property value has been reassessed. For many who received this notice, the 2013 value was grossly inflated. The county, having recognized their errors, issued new valuations that most homeowners should have seen in the mail by June 20th. Those values were also made available online at www.jacksongov.org as of June 19th.

Neighbor and Jackson County Legislator, Scott Busch, mentioned on our neighborhood Google Group, “If you have any questions about your reassessment make sure you file an informal appeal at 816-881-4601 or www.jacksongov.org/appeal. Please make sure you help your neighbors review their notices. Many folks don’t have nor use e-mail or the internet.”

According to Mike Hendricks at the Kansas City Star, “To deal with the expected influx of calls, the Assessment Department is extending its hours to hear informal appeals by phone through July 22. “Starting next week [June 24th], the phone lines will open as usual at 8 a.m. weekdays, and staff will take calls until 7 p.m. every day but Friday, when the office closes at 5, County Executive Mike Sanders said.

“Those not satisfied with the results they get from an informal appeal will have until July 29 to file a formal appeal with the Board of Equalization. That is three weeks later than the original deadline, which was set before the problems arose.”

To read the rest of Hendricks’ article, click here.