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Bulky Item Pick-up

1024px-DefrostyTheFridgemanKCMO Public Works recently changed their bulky item pick-up process. In the past, there were specific days every few months that each neighborhood could put bulky items at the curb for collection.

Although this process was great in that it provided an opportunity to dispose of your oddly large household items, it also meant you had to wait until one of these pick-up days came around. Luckily, they have changed the process and you can now schedule a bulky item pick-up at your convenience, on your regular trash day. By going online or calling 3-1-1, you can schedule a day for them to collect your bulky items. The day will alsways be a regular neighborhood trash day. I personally used this process to get rid of an old entertainment center and bed frame and it couldn’t have been easier or more convenient.

Appointments must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance and times must be out by 7am on the day of collection.

For a list of acceptable and non-acceptable items, more information or to schedule an appointment, visit: or call 3-1-1.


Kansas City, MO, 3-1-1 Call Center

For Kansas City, Missouri, residents, the 3-1-1 Call Center is an easy way to report issues to the City from A-Z. Whether you need information, request a City service or to report a problem, residents can call 3-1-1, go online, use the 311 mobile app or email.

3-1-1 Services

You can also visit their office on the first floor of City Hall:

414 E. 12th Street, Kansas City, MO 64106

Hours: Weekdays 8am – 5pm

Send Snail Mail:

Action Center
City Hall, first floor
414 E 12th Street
Kansas City, MO 64106

Tweet 3-1-1:




Jackson County Reassessment

County informing you that your property value has been reassessed. For many who received this notice, the 2013 value was grossly inflated. The county, having recognized their errors, issued new valuations that most homeowners should have seen in the mail by June 20th. Those values were also made available online at as of June 19th.

Neighbor and Jackson County Legislator, Scott Busch, mentioned on our neighborhood Google Group, “If you have any questions about your reassessment make sure you file an informal appeal at 816-881-4601 or Please make sure you help your neighbors review their notices. Many folks don’t have nor use e-mail or the internet.”

According to Mike Hendricks at the Kansas City Star, “To deal with the expected influx of calls, the Assessment Department is extending its hours to hear informal appeals by phone through July 22. “Starting next week [June 24th], the phone lines will open as usual at 8 a.m. weekdays, and staff will take calls until 7 p.m. every day but Friday, when the office closes at 5, County Executive Mike Sanders said.

“Those not satisfied with the results they get from an informal appeal will have until July 29 to file a formal appeal with the Board of Equalization. That is three weeks later than the original deadline, which was set before the problems arose.”

To read the rest of Hendricks’ article, click here.


Trash Amnesty Day

For the week of July 5th – 10th, the city is offering one of two annual trash amnesty days. You may place up to 15 bags of trash at the curb on trash day (Monday). Normal trash rules apply:

  • Each bag must not exceed 40 pounds in weight.
  • No hazardous waste, bulky items, leaf or brush.

For more information on the city’s waste management services, click here.


Changes to Bus Routes Servicing Coleman Highlands

Did you know that there are folks dedicated to keeping YOU up to date on public transit issue here in our city? Ron McLinden, Coleman Highlands resident and founder of Trans Action Network, is one of those people! He was kind enough to let us know about some major changes happening to the 47 and 51 bus routes at the end of this month. If you catch a ride on either of these, you might want to read what Ron has to say about the changes:

Change is coming to Metro Route 47 in Midtown effective September 30, 2012. This description of the changes is written from the perspective of the Coleman Highlands, Roanoke, and Volker neighborhoods.

These changes result from a Comprehensive Service Analysis begun two years ago by the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (The Metro). The analysis has resulted in changing many of the 60 or so routes in Kansas City, Missouri, and a realignment of routes and hours of service to better fit current rider needs. Consequently, many neighborhoods are getting much improved transit service.

Routes 47 and 51 are being jointly realigned. The service Midtown residents have become accustomed to as Route 47 Roanoke will become Route 51 Ward Parkway. Route 51 Broadway will become Route 47 Broadway.

Are you confused yet?

If you’ve been riding Route 47, the change might take some getting used to, depending on where you go. If you haven’t been riding The Metro, this might be a great time to start.

There’s a lot to like in the New Route 51.
– We keep direct service to Downtown, now via Union Station and Main Street to the 10th and Main Transit Center.
– Buses will operate more frequently: every 30 minutes on weekdays and 60 minutes evenings and Saturdays.
– Buses will operate on “clockface headways” — which means, for example 21 and 51 minutes after the hour. That’ll make it easier to remember.
– Buses will run later in the evening: until after 9 pm weekdays on the part of the route between Downtown and the Plaza.
– Service to KU Med Center at 39th and State Line continues.
– Service to Ward Parkway Shopping Center is added, and that service will run hourly weekdays and Saturdays until shortly after 6 pm.

What we lose:
– Direct service to the Westside. Transit access to the Westside will require a transfer to the revised Route 27 at 25th and Summit.
– Service to the heart of The Plaza. Route 51 Plaza trips will go to 47th and Jefferson only.
– Direct service to Blue Ridge Crossing (Wal-Mart, etc). That service will continue to be provided via Route 31, which operates frequently from 32nd and Pennsylvania.

Take a look at the service change bulletin from The Metro:…

Here’s the new route map:

Here’s the new schedule:


Thanks, Ron, for reporting on this! For those who want to stay up-to-date on other public transit issues in our city, visit Trans Action Network‘s website.