Spring Fever: What You Need to Know Before Starting Exterior Home Projects

by Stacey Kenyon

Do you have a case of spring fever? Do you have a home improvement “to do” list started? Is a call to City Hall on that list?

Coleman Highlands has been a KCMO designated Historic District since 1996. This honors the history and architecture of our neighborhood and supports its preservation. As such, a design review is required for alterations that are visible from public right of way for all properties in Coleman Highlands Historic District: changes of building materials, colors, and structural landscaping, for example.

The Kansas City Historic Preservation Office (HPO) and the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) oversee designated Historic Districts like ours. HPO staff is available for questions about exterior changes on your home. They will advise on design review requirements, applications for Certificate of Appropriateness, and Commission hearings. To contact the Historic Preservation Office, call (816) 513-2902 or email .

Applications for Certificate of Appropriateness are submitted through CompassKC. Fees start at $26 for an administrative approval.