Petiquette Reminder

Nearby parks and trails, ample flora and wildlife, and our proximity to Penn Valley Dog park make Coleman Highlands a pleasant place for our domestic animal pals. Whether you are out walking your dog, ferret, or pot-bellied pig, please remember to clean up after your pet.

For the safety of your pet and others, keep your pet leashed when not confined to your own property and make sure your pet is up-to-date on all their vaccinations. Spay and Neuter Kansas City at 59th and Troost offers a Rabies, City License & Microchip Package for $30. Call 816-353-0940 or visit for more information. A separate ID tag with your pet’s name and your contact information is also helpful in case your pet gets lost. Ace Hardware in Westport recently added a tag engraving machine to their store. Pets are welcome there, so feel fee to bring your pet in and attach that new ID tag to their collar on the spot!

Now that the weather has improved, we might be more inclined to let our pets spend more time outdoors. Although you might not notice any damage to your fence from this winter’s snow storms, wind, falling branches, and humidity changes may crack and warp wooden fences. Check your fence line for weak spots, holes and loose boards before allowing your pets unsupervised yard time. If your pet normally spends a lot of time outdoors, check to make sure they are not bothering other neighbors. Making sure your pet is enjoying themselves without being a nuisance to others is the neighborly thing to do. This is also a good time to check tie-out cables for rust, wear and tangles; dog/cat houses for holes and insects and to replace straw or other bedding.

If you are concerned about a neighbor’s pet, take the time to politely speak to your neighbor about it. It’s possible they are not aware of the problem. If for some reason you do not feel comfortable talking to your neighbor or find them to be uncooperative in resolving the issue, call 311 or go online to and select “Report” on the left sidebar to report your concerns.