During the few warm days we’ve had as of the time of this writing, it had been great to see all the neighbors out and about. Visiting on porches, hanging out on the sidewalks and enjoying the company of our neighbors is one of the things that make this neighborhood special. With the nice weather, all of our children and grandchildren are also out and about on their bikes, scooters, playing tag and generally running around. Remember to please be extra careful and slow down as you drive through the neighborhood to help keep all of us safe. Make sure you tell your relatives and friends who come to visit to slow down. Happy summer everyone! And thank you.

(submitted by Amado Tamayo)

My mom and dad are home. Like, all of the time. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Before, I accepted my fate of being left behind when I saw them spend lots of time in something called a bathroom, and the dreaded, “Be a good boy. See you later.”

Now, I’m lucky if they even take a shower! I always told them baths were horrible and now they seem to understand. Our new routine is the best. We sleep in (unless my annoying sister wakes us all up), eat breakfast together, go on a walk, watch the TV, eat some more, even another walk—SO MANY WALKS. My sister and I still nap most of the day, but now we know when we wake up that our parents will still be there…probably in the same chair, talking to a bunch of other humans on a tiny screen. Weird. The best part of this new life is getting to meet so many new doggie friends! A lot of young pups out there: Buster Brown, Rocket, Mary, Waylan, Daisy, and Leo and I guess my sister, Fawkes. It is just so nice to see all these new faces and sniff so many new smells.

OH MY GOSH, I almost forgot the very best part: a super special daily occurrence. Can you guess? TREATS. From the best two people on the entire planet (sorry Mom and Dad). 10/10 neighborhood pets would take a treat from them. I know
when they are coming, although sometimes they are sneaky and no friends alert us to their presence. But, since my parents are home now, they let us out to receive treats (only one)! Boy were we missing out before. The only downside has been the extra fluff these treats have added…with limited doggie parks, my Albus Gordon and friend figure has certainly struggled. Not to mention my fur and my nails, yikes! It will be OK though. I will gladly take this extra time with my little family, knowing that I’ll once again hear, “You stay. We love you.”

(submitted by Albus Gordon)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and responsible distancing practices, this newsletter is being distributed to residents of Coleman Highlands via email instead of the regular printed copy. This is not a permanent change. The Coleman Highlands Neighborhood Association Board will continue to monitor recommendations by the CDC and Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas in deciding when to resume door-to-door distribution of a printed newsletter. We welcome feedback about your preferences regarding electronic versus printed copy, but we are always going to put the safety and wellbeing of our neighbors first. If you have a neighbor that does not have email or isn’t on the resident email list, please print a copy for them or let the Board know so we can get them a copy (using safe practices, of course).

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